Expanding Your Brand Of Medical Services As A FQHC: Where To Start

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Healthcare

You have been operating and managing your private community health clinic for several years, offering high-quality care to patients living in one of the busiest cities in the world. You are now interested in expanding your brand of medical services by opening a new location in the suburbs to specifically provide care for the elderly population in the area. This means you will now be accepting Medicaid and Medicare as a federally qualified health center. But, where do you start?

The Ever-Evolving Compliance Standards of the Healthcare Industry

You might have been utilizing traditional paper-based methods of record keeping, as it always has worked for your practice in the city. However, the ever-growing landscape of compliance standards for this industry will require you to create a highly secure digital environment to not only store sensitive information but to digitally submit claims with precision and accuracy. The professionals at GeBBS Healthcare Solutions can help you integrate the latest in healthcare technology to help ensure compliance, sustainability, and continuity. Here’s how.

All-in-One Solutions for Your Growing Practice

This company offers custom-tailored services that include revenue cycle management, patient contact solutions, HIM solutions, and extended business office services through decades of combined specialized expertise and capabilities. They can provide you with the support necessary to efficiently scale operations while optimizing your practice’ revenue cycle by maximizing recovery.

How to Get Started

Perhaps you have made an informed decision and have decided to reach out to these professionals for their services. You are wondering how to contact GeBBS Healthcare Solutions to begin utilizing their services right away. Visit gebbs.com, the premier company for end-to-end, world-class solutions today.

Visit https://gebbs.com/blog/integrated-technologies-a-must-for-most-fqhcs-to-succeed/ to know more.

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