Great Gear to Get From An All-Inclusive Pheasant Hunting Outfitter

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Outdoors

The average all-inclusive pheasant hunting outfitter supplies some things that a guest requires to hunt like a pro, bag some serious game and have it processed before returning home. Although on-site pro shops are not uncommon, most of them understandably focus on apparel. What should a hunter make sure to bring on a pheasant hunting trip? Here’s a basic checklist.

Guns & Ammo

At least two shotguns, compatible cases, shells and shell cases are a must. Beyond these things, most of the checklist concerns apparel and wearable gear, which is why this kind of inventory predominates at pro shops.

Apparel & Wearable Gear

To ensure optimal outfitting before arrival at the lodge, it’s helpful to purchase the following: shooting glasses, shooting gloves, rain gear and warm weather wear sufficient for the late fall and winter pheasant hunting seasons.

It’s a good idea to get some durable upland hunting boots, knee-high rubber boots and chaps or brush pants for wading the marshy brush, swamps and moist high grass where pheasants love to hide. Lastly, the pheasant hunter’s universal uniform calls for blaze-orange everything: hats, jacket or vest.

Group Hunting

When hunting in groups, even with an all-inclusive pheasant hunting outfitter, it’s essential to augment the list of required gear and supplies. Large groups need supplies like multiple coolers, processing gear, towels, baggies and garbage bags.

For extended excursions that might result in missed meals at the lodge, water and snacks keep hunters fueled and focused. Hunting party members should take care to include special doggy snacks and additional water to encourage and strengthen bonds with canines in the party.

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