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by | May 10, 2012 | real-estate

When your car salesperson pulls up in front of you, and you see he’s driving the same type of car he sold you, that’s a huge vote of confidence in the salesperson’s integrity. They only recommended you what they themselves thought was a great vehicle to use. The same is true when you shop for a home for sale in Stone Harbor NJ.


If you have an option, you should always trust real estate sales people that live and work in the community where you plan to buy. The reason is simple: If they knew something about the community that was not very nice, they would have left a long time back. But when a real estate agent has worked and lived for 30+ years in or nearby to a community where you want to purchase, then that’s a ringing endorsement for considering buying a home for sale in Stone Harbor NJ.


If you are actively looking to buy a home for sale in Stone Harbor NJ, then you need a real estate agency that knows the community in and around Stone Harbor very well. Trusting your business to a company that has been serving Stone Harbor, Seven Mile Beach, Avalon, or the Sea Isle City area for over 50 years might be a great move indeed.

Making a decision to purchase a home for sale in Stone Harbor NJ is indeed a huge undertaking. And if you currently do not live in the immediate vicinity of the community where you plan to acquire property, then that puts you in an even greater disadvantage. Your best hope is to consult with a reputable real estate agency whose brand is well known within the community and broader areas.


Make some inquiries within the community first, before settling on an agency from whom to purchase your home for sale in Stone Harbor NJ. Questions to ask are: Have they been serving the community for 50 years or more? Do they offer sale as well as rental property? Are they well known for their community relations and charitable works? Do they offer unique services that no other agency offers – like a useful Guest Services department to help clients with any issues about the property, 7 days a week?


Look for an agent who is a professional in his/her field, and is recognized by their peers and industry groups as being such. When looking for a home for sale in Stone Harbor NJ, ask your agent about their professional affiliations. Things that you would want hear are: I am an NFIB member; A President of PAMAC OF NJ. Corp., I belong to the National Association of Realtors, NJAR, and the Chamber of Commerce. Anyone with credentials such as these is someone you can feel comfortable from whom to buy a home for sale in Stone Harbor NJ.



Patrick McCusker knows the community intimately. When you buy a home for sale Stone Harbor NJ from Avalon Real Estate, you’ll get Pat’s 30+ years of community knowledge too!

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