How A Nursing Home Neglect Attorney May Define The Meaning Of Neglect

To build any kind of case in any variation of the court of law, one must define the basis of their case. It is not as simple as saying how they feel and what they mean. A nursing home neglect attorney near Long Branch needs to build a substantiated and documented scenario of what occurred, when, and how.

This assessment begins at knowing what rights nursing home residents have, and how a situation may have stepped on any of these basic and essential rights. All nursing residents are guaranteed the below rights, at a minimum. Anything else could be extrapolated promises.

1. Residents have the right to be transferred or discharged for medical reasons. A residency cannot hold a resident based on their preferences or recommendations. Even if they seem 100% truthful, they can never hold a resident if they and the family are seeking a change.

2. All residents should have access to legal networks and health services. These services need to be available.

3. Residents are to be free from any punishment that is either physical or chemical-based. There is no gray area. Any physical touching of any nature is not just unwelcome; it is a black and white violation. This also includes mental abuse, which is a frighteningly common situation in nursing homes.

4. Residents have a right to privacy. The distinction does not mean privacy must be provided at all times or whenever they ask. But, there has to be a specific time or an obvious willingness to provide a resident with the privacy they deserve.

5. All residents have the right to proper healthcare. Actions are taken logically, and all residents can access health care and treatment as they are willing.

Contact Kreizer Law, if any of the above rights has been definitely violated. Many family members and residents may receive promises that a nursing home never delivered on. This is not often a basis for a lawsuit. This is a basis for a complaint- or a community switch. But, a community that oversteps basic nursing resident rights is in violation of something more than a false promise and bad marketing. You can also like them on Facebook.

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