How Changes to Louisiana Law Have Protected Those Who Buy a Vehicle

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Law Services

The laws in the United States, both on the state and federal level, are constantly in flux. Laws are created and removed based on the needs and the will of the people. These laws usually offer greater protection that did not exist prior to their creation. An excellent example of this is Louisiana Lemon Law.

Before the Lemon Law, a car buyer needed to fend for themselves. Some dealers and manufacturers were reputable. They offered a guarantee or warranty and stood by it. Others would not. A person could find themselves with a vehicle that did not operate as it should. To make matters worse, the individual could find themselves making payments on a vehicle that did not run.

Louisiana Lemon Law is an example of a law that was put in place to protect car buyers. If a vehicle is deemed a lemon based on the state or federal guidelines, the customer can get compensation from the manufacturer. The law is specific when it comes to the number of attempts that must be made to repair a vehicle and the time frame that repairs would have to be carried out in.

In many cases, complaints regarding lemons that are handled by attorneys get settled without needing to go to court. In rare instances, the case may find its way to court. If a case of this sort needs to be handled in court, victims who have legal representation are usually able to build a stronger case than those who try to handle issues on their own.

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