How to Become a Famous Motivational Speaker

Regardless of the nature of the audience, the goal of any famous motivational speaker remains the same: inspire through the energy and passion of words. The trick in that is figuring out how to use their personality and unique character traits to first connect and then move the people listening. It takes a great deal of time and lots of practice to reach one’s full potential.

As one might imagine, there is considerable job security for famous motivational speakers. Every single conference, convention and honorary and banquet covet an engaging and famous motivational speaker to deliver the keynote address, which often expresses the theme and sets the tone for the entire affair. In truth though breaking into the field can be problematic.

For someone unknown to the masses, getting started can prove to be a significant challenge, and it’s unreasonable for anyone to think that they will be able to simply advertise their services as a speaker and think that they will immediately find themselves joining the ranks of famous motivational speakers. Like any profession, it takes time and diligence to build what’s called a platform, a record of appearances in various settings, events and media that builds from smaller  to larger, from less to more important and more public venues. With time, persistence, patience and, of course, talent it is possible to earn a very nice living through inspiring others to seek more of themselves and achieve their best.

While some individuals have a natural gift for speaking and seem to easily know exactly what to say and how to say it, this type of person is quite rare. Many, many of the most famous motivational speakers have taken advantage of coaches to help hone their skills. Some of these people then offer their own services to coach and develop new and up and coming speakers.

Getting a coach will almost definitely help you to develop and hone your speaking skills and find your voice, although it is really only one important phase in the process of your goal to becoming a famous motivational speaker. You will also have to start putting yourself out there, start performing in front of audiences. While you might dream of speaking at major public or private events in major venues, you will most likely need to start out in the smaller ones. A great place to begin is in your own community; if you look diligently, you will likely identify events that will be happy to engage you for their keynote address. At this level, even if an organization or event has no budget for paying you, be ready to offer your services pro bono. Not only is this be a great way to gain invaluable experience as a speaker, it is a great way to gain exposure, to get people talking about you. You might do well to tape your speeches for You Tube. And you never know who might see your video or who might be in the audience and be moved by your words and passion and be in a position to offer you a paid engagement at a larger, more public and more prestigious venue; and suddenly you find yourself off to the races to join the ranks of famous motivational speakers! Good luck!

In addition to being a famous motivational speaker and renowned media expert, Dr. John McGrail is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, self-improvement expert, spiritual teacher and author. His latest book is, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation.

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