How to Choose the most Suitable Office Carpet

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Home and Garden

The office is an area that staff spend large amounts of time inside, it is therefore imperative that we make the correct choices regarding office furniture, arrangement and flooring. The floor in an office will be heavily used and needs to be durable enough to withstand regular usage. There are many aspects to consider when we have decided it is time to purchase a new carpet for our office space. Thankfully, there are a number of companies dealing specifically with commercial carpets & Flooring in London who are able to offer all the advice and guidance we require. The main aspects to consider when choosing a new carpet for the office relate to functionality, practicality and compatibility.

Will it compliment your existing office?

It is important that when selecting a new carpet for the office we consider existing office furniture, equipment and style. We need to choose a carpet that will blend well with what is already in the office, unless you are planning on revamping the whole office of course. We should look at the style of furniture that we already have in the office and choose a carpet that compliments that style. Another aspect to consider is colour. If we have a very neutral office with regards to paintwork, furniture and decoration we should choose a carpet that will compliment this mood. A soft, neutral look will not benefit from a bright coloured carpet for example. We should consider asking the opinions of staff in order to identify what style and colour will make them most comfortable. After all, it will be the staff who will be spending most of their time in the office and we all know the benefits of having a happy workforce.

Functionality and practicality

When we are choosing a new carpet we also need to consider the nature of our business. The choice of new carpet should be practical and functional. It is unwise to spend vast amounts of money on a carpet for a factory floor or manufacturing area because there is a very high possibility that the carpet will become dirty and stained very quickly. The same can be said for a busy office space, general wear and tear from the many people walking on the carpet will mean that the carpet will soon become worn and require changing regularly. For situations such as these it is much more advisable to invest in a strong, robust carpet that has the strength and capabilities to withstand such usage. On the other hand if we are in a more up-market form of business, such as a law firm, it is generally accepted that prospective clients will be impressed if the office is carpeted with an air of elegance and quality. The decreased need for change in such offices means that an expensive, luxurious carpet is both practical and functional. There are a number of companies dealing specifically with commercial carpets in London who are able to offer all the advice and guidance we require.

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