How to Stay Safe Driving in Mexico

by | Aug 21, 2012 | Financial Services

Taking a vacation can be costly, which makes it necessary for travelers to find ways to cut corners. One of the biggest areas to save money on is airfare. Choosing to drive rather than fly can serve to save travelers hundreds of dollars. For many families, this could mean the difference between taking a vacation and not taking one at all. If your travels take you to Mexico, it is possible to drive there, saving you plenty of money. Before booking your vacation, it is important to understand the legality of driving in Mexico, as well as how to stay safe.

Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance

This should be one of the first steps you take once you decide to drive your family to Mexico. Travels that take you more than directly across the border, in the free zone, require the purchase of Mexican auto insurance because United States auto insurance is not recognized in Mexico. In the event of an accident or theft, if you are found without the proper auto insurance purchased in Mexico, you could find yourself behind bars. There are a variety of insurance companies that offer the ability to purchase insurance online before even leaving your home, making it easy to be prepared.

Beware of Road Conditions

While driving in Mexico is similar to driving in the United States, there are certain differences. Not all roads are thoroughly paved and are still covered in cobblestone. This provides a different driving experience that requires your full attention. There are also a multitude of pot holes and various other obstructions you should be on the lookout for to keep you and your family safe.

Avoid Driving at Night

As with anywhere else, driving in Mexico at night is more dangerous. Mexico is filled with winding roads and road hazards, as well as various livestock constantly crossing the road. With limited vision at night, you put yourself at a higher risk for a car accident. Restricting your travels to during the day will keep everyone safe. In addition to driving concerns, there is also a heightened concern of theft and carjacking during the twilight hours. While the crime rates are decreasing, it always pays to proceed with caution to keep you and your family free from the risk of a hitchhiker or other person on the side of the road who does not have the best intentions in mind.

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