Impress with Personalized Labels

Personalized labels are a great way to impress the recipient with your attention to detail. It may not seem like much, but the recipient will take notice that you care about them so much that you took a little extra time to personalize the label just for them. Personalized labels can be used for a variety of gifts including wrapped gifts, wine bottles, water bottles and much more. Here a few ideas of how to use personalized labels to spruce up any event.

Wedding Décor

There are many ways to use personalized labels when it comes to a wedding. Design your own custom labels that match your theme or invitations and adhere them to your wine bottles. Then you can place a bottle on each table, in an ice bucket or placed around the reception area for added décor. If you have bottles left over, send them home with the guests so they have a nice memento to remember your big day. You can also reuse the empty bottles by taking them home and using them as vases for years to come, or you can just incorporate one or two into the design of your room. If you are a guest at a wedding, customize a lovely gift label for the bride and groom. Who knows, maybe they will even put it in their scrapbook.

Customized Water Bottles

Next time it’s your turn to bring water and snacks to your child’s sporting event, show them a little extra love by putting custom labels on their water bottles. You can choose designs for any sport and customize the text to say anything you wish like, “Go Team!” or “You’re #1!”. Take it a step further by putting each child’s name on a bottle so they will want to reuse it a few times. You can also custom design labels for water bottles to give out at parties such as birthdays, barbecues, the super bowl and even baby showers.

Holiday Gift Tags

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you have the regular presents and then you have the “special presents”. These are the presents from Santa that your kids have been begging you for, for half the year. Include a special note from “Santa” on a customized gift tag and watch how your kid’s faces light up in delight. You can also customize gift tags for birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries to make those gifts really stand out.

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