Is Online CPR Training More Effective?

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Business

From the beginning, online educational courses have received flack. Critics claim quality has to be low because instructors cannot see the students doing their work. They say it makes people more likely to cheat or not pay attention to their work. Could it be the opposite is actually true? Supporters of online CPR training say having the ability to study when it’s convenient frees your mind of your worries and allows you to concentrate solely on your classwork.

Wait a Minute … Online CPR Training?

Yes, you really can learn how to save a life from information you find online. The same books, slides and lectures you would typically sit through in a classroom can be delivered to you via an Internet connection. Being able to cover these materials at your own pace and better yet, being able to repeat them if necessary, gives you a better foundation for learning the standards behind life-saving CPR.

However, for practicality’s sake, many online CPR training programs do have an in-person requirement. Picking up the latest techniques and adequately demonstrating you can use them takes a hands-on approach. Critics who don’t look further than a title may assume all information, quizzes and the ultimate certification test can all be taken over the Internet. These people would be wrong. If they knew more about the program, chances are they would be big supporters.

How Do You Schedule In-Person Instruction?

Unlike a class where 30 or more students vie for an instructor’s time, people enrolled in an online CPR training program can contact the instructor with times they are available. After synching your schedules, you can stop in for just a few minutes to learn the latest techniques and how to use them. After this short visit, you can be on your way and practice at home or at the facility in your spare time. Once you are ready to demonstrate your abilities, you call to schedule your evaluation.

Alternatively, your learning facility may have new technological tools available that make it even easier to schedule time for practice and testing. Modified dummies keep track of your actions and provide efficiency scoring, allowing you to test your skills on your own time, regardless of other people’s schedules.

Advances in online CPR training, including classroom practice and testing methods, have made it quick and easy to get certified. Learn necessary skills you need for your job and ready yourself to handle emergencies. Look into online options today.

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