Learn More About Production Welding

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Business

In manufacturing, there are several processes required to join materials and parts together. Sometimes that means using screws, bolts, or nails. For this purpose, however, welding is commonplace.

Production welding can become an essential part of the production process. For more accurate, quality welding, Micro Weld, Inc., is a perfect solution. Let’s learn more about welding and its uses.

What Is Welding?

Welding is the process of bringing two pieces of metal together. There are similar methods that implement high heats, such as brazing or soldering, but those are not the same as welding.

Production welding, in particular, uses extreme heat. This makes the metal more pliable so that it can be joined together more effectively. Metals and gasses are commonly added throughout the process to create a stronger bond. Contract manufacturers and machine shops use welding on a daily basis for exactly these purposes.

The Importance of Production Welding

Now that we know more about welding, how does this apply to production welding? Why is welding important to the process of production? Simply put, there are a litany of things that simply wouldn’t exist without welding. Robotics, in particular, makes greater use of welding to enhance efficiency in production.

Welding is critical in manufacturing, particularly in sheet metal fabrication. Welding can take raw materials and work to transform them into things that can be used in daily applications. Production welding has become more effective and efficient as well, improving productivity across the board.

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