Living in New Jersey & Wondering About Cryotherapy? What It Can Do for You

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Healthcare

Maybe you have driven by this place that offers cryotherapy services in NJ. Maybe you’re wondering what cryotherapy in NJ offers. Whether you’re just curious, or you are actually interested in whole body cryotherapy from NJ cryotherapy clinics, you should get to know what this service is and what it can do for you.

What Cryotherapy Is

Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to treat all kinds of bodily tissues, including inflammation of the joints and muscle pain. It is also used to speed up the regeneration of cells in the body in people whose bodies are slow to regenerate. You generally lay down or stand up inside a cryo-tube and are exposed to extreme cold for brief periods of time. Treatment periods are short to avoid freezing and breaking down tissues. It doesn’t hurt, although some people report feeling really cold for a few hours after the treatment. You can have just a single body part or whole body cryotherapy in NJ treatment facilities.

Scheduling Cryotherapy Services in NJ

Cryotherapy in NJ is not exactly a common service. That said, you will need to find the clinic, book an initial consultation, and then discuss how to proceed with treatments. Patients who have experienced hypothermia or frostbite and/or have dead tissues as a result of exposure to extreme cold are not allowed to receive treatments. Everyone else is typically cleared. If you want a tour of the facility before your consultation or you want to book a consultation, contact us.

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