Medical Tracking Specialists Deploy New Patient Intake Software Packages

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Hardware and Software

Conventional patient intake software solutions essentially consist of database applications that allow users to enter several records that are then associated with a specific label. Usually, this label is a person’s name though it could also consist of a serial number or some other identifier. Beyond these few parameters, medical coding specialists aren’t normally able to add any further information. That makes it difficult for them to manage certain types of cases.

Newer intake software applications are quickly taking the medical field by storm, especially at larger municipal hospitals that deal with multiple emergency cases while simultaneously providing outpatient services. Organizations that find themselves in this kind of a situation are more than likely going to need the ability to track huge numbers of patients all at once. By processing intake information efficiently, these kinds of medical providers can be certain that they’re doing everything in their power to prevent mistakes and get their patients a higher degree of care.

Perhaps the most important aspect of these software packages is their ease of deployment. They’re bundled as web objects, which means that they don’t have to be installed the same way that a typical application might. Users can dial into the software over a network and use it through a standard dashboard, which again makes it much easier to work with even when having to deal with multiple machines that are all connected together as part of a workgroup. Learn more about the kinds of features offered by patient intake software by visiting the Supportable app homepage online at

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