Prepare for Car Emergencies Needing Auto Repair Bartlett Tennessee

by | Apr 10, 2013 | cars-trucks

Accidents happen even to the best of drivers. An overheated engine, sudden road closures or flat tire could leave you stranded for hours. Keep an emergency kit in your car so you will be as comfortable as possible while waiting for  Auto Repair Bartlett Tennessee mechanics. Store the kit or parts of the kit in your glove compartment or trunk.

If an accident happens at dawn, dusk or at night, you will not be able to see what is wrong unless you have a flashlight. Check the flashlight when you change your clocks for daylight savings. Change the batteries every year. Even batteries that last for two or more years may leak when exposed to high heat inside of the car.

Jumper Cables
One of the most common car problems is a dead battery. Having jumper cables ready helps you not only get a jump from a friend but also saves time for a mechanic if you need one.

Although Tennessee rarely has blizzards which can shut roads down unexpectedly, nights get dangerously cold. A blanket helps keep you warm while waiting for help. It can also be used like a stretcher to move an injured animal or child.

Phone Numbers
People often forget even the most familiar of phone numbers when they are stressed out.  Keep a set of emergency phone numbers on your person and in the glove compartment.  Numbers should include your insurance company, police, taxi service and your favorite repair garage.


You can go without food for weeks but only three days without water.  Although the chances of you being stranded for three days are remote, its good to keep a two-liter or a gallon jug of water handy. Water can also be used to help cool down overheated engines and can be added to an antifreeze system. If you live where ice is common during winter, carry an extra container of antifreeze in your trunk.

Road Flares
These flares help warn other drivers of your plight. They are readily available in auto goods shops, discount department store chains and some grocery stores. Flares should last at least fifteen minutes.

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