Primary Things You Should Know About Ac Repair in Springfield, MO

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Heating & Cooling

With temperatures gradually increasing as summer approaches, you want to ensure your AC is in its best condition, and this is the best time to call professionals for repairs. While every AC repair in Springfield, MO company has different processes, they all check the following for damage or failures.

  • Filters
  • Blower components
  • Thermostat
  • Condenser and evaporation coils
  • Air handler
  • Electrical connections
  • Airflow
  • Condensate drain lines and drain pan
  • Refrigerant pressure
  • Safety controls

Benefits Of AC Repair

Extends the AC’s lifespan

While ACs have an expected lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, that period can increase or decrease depending on how well you take care of it. The longer it goes without an inspection and repair or replacement of worn-out parts, the faster it will fail.

Prevents costly repairs and replacements

Sometimes you call AC professionals because of one issue, but they might notice signs of other underlying issues during their inspection. That allows them to rectify the issue early before it escalates into something that might need more extensive repairs or replacement of the whole system.

Increases energy-efficiency

Worn-out parts and dirty filters make your AC work harder to cool your home. That makes it consume more energy, resulting in higher energy bills. This is one of the signs professionals advise clients to look out for before calling for repairs.

Increases air quality

In addition to repairing worn-out parts, professionals also clean or replace filters. You can also notice other elements like dust or mold in the vents and ductwork that might reduce indoor air quality.

Installing new high-quality filters like HEPA filters ensures it captures most contaminants before releasing air into your home. Clean air vents also ensure no dust or contaminants in the air.

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