Reasons You Should Consider Living In Off-Campus Housing In Tallahassee

In the past, most people lived on campus the entire time that they were in college. Today, more people are opting to live off-campus. If you are still struggling to decide whether you should live on or off-campus, then you should take note of the benefits. There are several reasons you should live in FSU off-campus housing.

Pick Your Roommates

If you stay on campus, then you won’t be able to pick your roommates. Colleges typically select roommates at random. However, if you live off-campus, then you will be able to select your roommates.

Commute to Campus

Many people like living on campus because it is convenient. However, you can get an apartment that is only a few minutes from the campus. It won’t take you long to commute.


You don’t get much privacy in a dorm. Not only do you have to share housing, but you will also have to share a room. You will also have a resident assistant. However, you will have a lot more privacy if you live off-campus.

Save Money

There are several ways that you can save money if you live off-campus. You will be able to split the costs with roommates. You will also be able to prepare meals at home instead of buying a meal plan.

More Storage Space

Many people must leave their favorite belongings at home because dorms have limited space. However, apartments have a lot more space.

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