Should I Hire Carpet Cleaners for my Home?

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Your home is the place you feel the most comfortable and relaxed. One of the major factors that contribute to that feeling of sanctuary and comfort is the knowledge that your home is clean and sanitary. Homeowners spend millions of dollars every year on cleaning products and appliances to keep their houses clean. The fact is that much of the furniture and carpeting in your home is a haven for allergens and dander, microbes, pathogenic bacteria, molds mildew etc. Regular vacuuming may remove much of the topical dust and dirt, but many allergens, mildew, tiny spores and residues from pet and infant urine and feces can remain behind and create a very unhealthy environment for you and your family. Carpeting bears the brunt of stains, spillages and constant wear and tear. To keep your home clean, dust and disease free, it’s a good idea to hire professional carpet cleaners at least once a year. Many carpet cleaners offer value added services such as cleaning and restoration of marble and natural stone floors and countertops, restoration of ceramic tiles and hardwood floors. If you hire professionals you can expect they will also offer carpet repair, drapery and furniture cleaning so that you are left with your house smelling fresh and looking clean and bright. Most commercial complexes and businesses, hotels, medical facilities use the services of professional cleaners who are trained to clean the spaces from top to bottom within the shortest time.

Professional carpet cleaners in Minneapolis MN use a number of techniques to provide comprehensive treatment of your upholstery and carpeting:

Dual Process: Recommended for carpets that are heavily soiled. Carpet cleaners will pre-spot and condition the areas for stains and then hand clean edges and corners before shampooing with a dry fast foam and hot water extraction for a thorough rinse. Carpets should remain damp for 4-8 hours after treatment.

Dry Crystal method: An advanced method that cleans to the base of the carpet, it extracts moisture and dries within 1-3 hours of treatment. Improves appearance and is favourable in high traffic zones. Low drying time makes the area available for use in a short time.

Procyon: Clients who insist on use of green products can use the Procyon cleaning process for their homes which uses biodegradable non-detergent, water soluble degreaser. This treatment leaves upholstery and flooring looking bright and fresh with a soft water conditioner.

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