Social Media Assessment Identifies Market Performance

Social media frequently changes for many reasons, and two of the primary ones are changing consumer behaviors and expectations and new trends in what social media is used for. An organization’s social media ecosystem must function in a way that builds and sustains the brand. The only way to know if it continually functions the way it should in the midst of the changes is with a social media assessment that produces informative metrics.

Social Media Metrics

The successful social media assessment informs organizational leaders about the actual performance of the social media accounts. More than counting the number of followers or likes is required because these metrics do not tell you if the followers are fully engaged in your brand and its products.
Are you using the right social media platforms? Are the social media posts consistent across the platforms? Do they support the marketing strategy? Is social media providing value to customers? Are you getting insights from the social execution of the strategy to drive better marketing and customer services decision-making? Are you getting the desired ROI? The inbound marketing consultant can help you answer these kinds of vital questions.

Inbound Marketing

An inbound marketing consultant conducts a social media assessment that identifies, collects, and analyzes the metrics that inform on how to create compelling customer experiences. The data collected during the social media assessment is used to analyze factors like follower growth, content mix, customer satisfaction and retention, customer responsiveness, referral traffic, website visits, brand sentiment, branding consistency, and cost per click (CPC), to name a few. The metrics become essential, actionable guides.

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