Social Security Disability Benefits for Fargo, ND Residents With Long COVID

by | Jan 29, 2024 | SSD Lawyers

When people want to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), they must prove that they will be unable to work full-time for a year or longer. In many cases, this is difficult, which results in the administration denying about 2/3 of the applications. Hiring a lawyer who assists with applications for Social Security disability in Fargo, ND may increase the chances of approval.


The administration sometimes is skeptical when a diagnosis cannot be made with lab work, X-rays or other specific testing. Yet many disabilities are caused by conditions that are not diagnosed with these kinds of tests. Doctors diagnose various physical syndromes, for instance, by considering a group of symptoms characteristic of the disorder.

About Long COVID

The National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Clinic and other esteemed organizations define “long COVID” as a syndrome. This condition is characterized by long-term symptoms after having the disease. Those symptoms can be serious and disabling. Examples include debilitating fatigue, mobility impairment, aching muscles and shortness of breath. There may be memory issues and bouts of dizziness.

Applying for Disability Benefits

These problems can make full-time work impossible. Nevertheless, SSDI applications can be denied even when a doctor verifies the severity of the symptoms. A lawyer experienced in filing client applications for Social Security disability in Fargo, ND is helpful. This individual understands the documentation that candidates need to send in and how to complete all of the paperwork properly.

A free consultation can be scheduled with Ficek Law, PC, which would help you get a broader view.

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