Solutions to Common Issues with Plumbing Anaheim

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Home and Garden

Issues with plumbing can happen at any time in the home or apartment no matter what the age of the building. There are many instances where your plumbing problem is out of your control and you will need to have a plumber come out and attend to your needs. However, there are also times in which you could save yourself some money by diagnosing the problem and possibly even fixing the problem on your own. Below are a few ideas of how to fix common problems with plumbing Anaheim.

Loss of Hot Water

If you don’t know this, it is important that you do. In most cases when you are not receiving hot water or your hot water is not as warm as it used to be you could have an issue with your hot water heater. While issues with the hot water heater can be pretty expensive, you should not panic and decide whether you can fix the plumbing problem on your own. You may simply need to turn up your thermostat. Another common cause for lack of hot water is residue and deposits that are left behind. There are solutions that you can put in your tank to clear it out. However, if you are not sure of your problem you can then call a specialist for plumbing Anaheim area.

Faucet is Leaking

You’re probably already aware that leaky faucets can be a real pain in the butt. What you may not have known is that many leaky faucet issues can be corrected without the need for a plumber. In many cases the problem is because of bad seals. You can disconnect the faucet and replace the rubber gaskets and then try reassembling everything. This should solve this issue with plumbing Anaheim area. If you still have issues then contact your local plumber.

Toilet Gets Clogged

This is very common complaint of homeowners with issues of plumbing Anaheim area. Most times a clogged toilet is due to the things that are allowed to go down as it flushes. You can try a plunger and that typically will get rid of your problem. If not you can get drain cleaning solutions from the store or invest in a snake which will allow you to dig further for blockages.

Leaking Toilet from the Base

If your toilet begins to leak from the base you should check the wax ring. Often times leaks from the bottom of the toilet are due to a wearing ring. This is an easy fix that all homeowners use for common problems with plumbing Anaheim area. Simply replace the wax ring around the toilet.

Sink Slow to Drain

Another common problem with plumbing Anaheim area is a slow draining sink. Typically this slow drain is caused by a clog or blockage that can easily be removed. More times than not this problem will happen in the kitchen sink because food and other debris travels down the drain. You can use store brought drain cleaners to help remove the blockage. If that does not work you can also try a snake to dig down through the drains and unclog the problem.

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