Take a Limo to EWR, JFK or LGA Rather Than Parking Your Car

If you live in New York and will be traveling to the airport to head out on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is parking your car. The traffic in New York is completely unpredictable, making it uncertain whether you will make it to the airport in plenty of time to park, check your bags and make it to your terminal or if you will be pressed for time. Rather than taking any chances, you can take a limo to EWR, JFK or LGA, helping you save time and possibly money.

Right at Your Destination

When you take a limo to the airport, you are dropped off directly in front of the terminal you need. This enables you to grab your baggage, check in and head directly through security. This is especially beneficial during peak traffic times when you are a bit pressed for time. This also helps eliminate the stress of dragging a large number of bags, children and other cumbersome items through the parking lot and over to your designated terminal.

Save Money

Every airport has its own charges for short-term, daily and long-term parking. Short-term is reserved for those who are only going to be at the airport for an hour or two. If you are bringing people to the airport who need help getting to the terminal, this is a good choice; otherwise, you will need daily or long-term parking solutions. Both types charge a daily fee that can add up quickly, depending on your length of travels. Rather than dealing with the hassle of parking the car and paying high fees, you can take a limo to EWR or another airport and pay one fee for your travels.


Many people are unsure about leaving their car at the airport parking lot or an independent offsite lot for a long period of time. While there are typically security guards watching the lots, there is still a feeling of unease. With a limo service, you can leave your car safely at home and arrive to the airport relaxed and ready to travel.

Traveling by airplane requires many considerations, including how you will get to your flight. Rather than dealing with the stress and expense of parking your car, you can take a limo to EWR, JFK or LGA. This ensures you will arrive on time and be able to avoid the hassle of parking and walking to your terminal, possibly even missing your flight.

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