Technological Advances In Paint For The Painters Of Battle Creek MI

The painting industry has seen a number of changes over the decades. Though the traditional brushing, rolling and spraying techniques remain relatively unchanged, technological advances in the paint itself have made monumental strides. These improvements provide a number of benefits for both the homeowner and the Painter Battle Creek MI.

The interior and exterior paints of years past were highly prone to fading, chipping, peeling and stains. Wind, rain and extreme temperatures left those paints looking worn and dated fairly quickly. Mildew stains formed on the exterior of structures while interiors saw blemishes from crayons, magic markers, splatters from cooking oil and countless mystery discolorations. These factors forced homeowners to have their homes painted repeatedly.

New paints are designed to withstand the elements on the outside of today’s homes. In regards to the interior, paints are formulated to resist stains. Unexpected artwork and kitchen oriented blemishes wipe away with a damp sponge and very little effort. This keeps paint jobs looking fresh and new for years longer than the paints of the past.

Modern paints are also manufactured to cover much better than those of earlier times. Painters Battle Creek MI once had to apply multiple coats of paint to surfaces, in order to cover seams, nails and other issues. New paints often cover in as little as one coat, saving homeowners a great deal of expense and saving professional painters, such as those with Orbit Premier Painting, an immense amount of time and energy.

One revolutionary development in paint technology actually improves the energy efficiency of the structures it is applied to. This paint additive, containing microscopic ceramic beads, was adapted from technology originally developed by NASA and acts as a thermal barrier. When applied to the exterior of a structure, this radiant barrier blocks up to 97 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays; in addition, it prevents heat from entering the structure.

Used on the interior of a home, this substance will restrict the amount of heat escaping during cold winter months. The thermal barrier effectively increases energy efficiency by at least 50 percent when applied correctly. Completely safe for people, pets and the environment, this additive can be mixed with any type of paint and applied to any surface that can be painted.

Today’s painters of Battle Creek MI save home and business owners a great deal of money by lasting longer, resisting more stains, requiring fewer applications and reducing heating and cooling costs.

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