The Art Of Upholstery Cleaning

by | May 2, 2012 | Business

While you may have thought upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas is a skill that only a certain number of people have attained, have you ever thought of it as an art?  In fact there are many different factors that must be taken into account when upholstery is cleaned, and those who have the experience and skill have actually taken this profession to the level of an art.

Many companies that specialize in cleaning carpets also specialize in upholstery cleaning as well.  They understand that not only is each stain different, but that there are numerous types of fabric used for furniture and those fabrics react differently to different kinds of stains.  It is important to note that catching a stain as soon as it occurs can be very beneficial, but if you use a stain removal product you may actually make the stain worse and cause damage to your furniture.  Blotting the stain and then getting professional upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas is the best idea when a stain occurs.

There are three main methods for removing stains from upholstery.  The first involves wet extraction.  This means that hot water and cleaning solution are injected into the fabric and then almost immediately vacuumed back up to remove not only the excess moisture but also the dirt and stains.  Unfortunately, it is very easy to leave too much water behind with this method, which can be a problem with the wood sections of the furniture.  This is why it should only be attempted by experts in upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas.

Next is the foam method, which is only applied topically so that water does not get below the top fabric layer.  The foam cleaner stays on the fabric for a specified period of time, which allows it to lift the stain and soil from the fabric.  It is then vacuumed to remove moisture.

Finally, there is a dry cleaning method that uses specialized dry cleaning chemicals to remove the stain.  Without the need for water, there will be no water damage to the piece of furniture or the fabric itself.  Different fabrics and stains will require different cleaning solutions, so only a specialist should attempt this method of upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas.


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