Tips for Forklift Rental in New York

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Construction Equipment Rental

Many jobs require the use of a forklift. However, forklifts are not a piece of equipment that most people go out and purchase just for a few uses. Forklifts are very costly and, because of their size, are not something you can easily store or maintain. The most efficient way to obtain a forklift is to rent one for your short term use. There are several factors to consider for Forklift Rental in New York.

First of all, shop around. With a wide variety of models and machinery type, you must know the type of equipment you need to quickly and efficiently do the job. Give the rental place a description of the job you need to perform and ask for their advice on what type of forklift they would suggest for your use. If you are familiar with forklifts, you are ahead of the game and know this already. Discuss their models and pricing for what will fit your budget.

Consider if you need a forklift for indoor or outdoor use. Do you need to move very heavy loads or a moderately heavy load? Load restrictions are highly important as they prevent injury to you and harm to the equipment. Does the forklift run on diesel or gasoline? Most models offer different fork lengths for different jobs. Know what size forks you will be needing. Some come with attachments to perform different jobs. Ask what safety equipment will be required to operate the forklift. Also consider the style of the forklift. Some forklifts require you to sit down to operate it and others are stand up models. Depending on your preference, comfort and ease of operation are also something to keep in mind.

As with any rental agreement, find out what accidents, injuries, or malfunctions of the equipment are covered in the contract. Who will be held responsible, you or the rental company? Does the rental agreement charge extra for delivery? What is the rental return policy if you find that you should need the equipment for longer than you originally thought? Take your time and visit a forklift rental yard in New York and discuss your needs, pricing, and different equipment to ensure you have just what you need for your short term use.

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