Tips on Choosing High Quality Evil Eye Jewelry

The evil powered eye is the term used for envious or ill wishes, which are capable of causing harm or bad luck. This concept has been prevalent for centuries in the Middle Eastern countries. Often, such concepts are associated with ancient philosophers like Plato and Socrates as well. Today, the concept has spread far and wide. Protective evil eye jewelry items are being increasingly used even in the Western countries to ward off the dire consequences associated with the evil eye.


Evil eye jewelry is available in various forms. Although bracelets seem to be more popular, pendants are also extensively worn. You can choose from a wide range from online stores as well. However, since evil eye jewelry has a purpose to fulfill, you need to be sure of what you’re buying. Quality is a prime deciding factor here.


Evil Eye Jewelry: Buying Tips

Here are some simple tips that can help you buy high quality evil eye jewelry.


1.    Make sure you check the material that the jewelry pieces are made of. Most of them would be either zinc plated or made from sterling silver or gold. The zinc plated pieces are more likely to get tarnished easily. Since the usage would be regular and long term, it is better to opt for sterling silver or gold, since they are more likely to last long.

2.    Next, you need to check the form of the evil eye itself. It should be made of real glass and the shape of the eye should be consistent. Check the shapes on several jewelry items or their graphic representations before making a choice. You should also analyze the roundness of the eye critically.

3.    If you are opting for a bracelet, check the clasps before investing. If you are buying online, enquire about the quality of vital parts of the bracelet before finalizing the deal. Clasps need to be strong enough to withstand regular wear. Similarly, if you are opting for pendants, you need to check whether the hook that attaches it to the chain is strong enough.

4.    Look for online outlets that specialize in sterling silver evil eye jewelry items if you are looking for an impressive variety at cost effective rates. Gold variants could be pricey.


These simple steps can help ensure that you pick a piece that is practical and durable, while serving its purpose as evil eye jewelry.


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