Tips on Drain Cleaning in Mesa, A

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Business

The most common cause of drain clogs is pushing food products and grease and accumulating things in the drain pipe. This buildup can cause a block in the system, resulting in backlogs and the production of strange smells from the drains. Here are some of the tips on drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ and keeping a clog-free system:

Hot Water

Pouring hot water inside a drain is a simple and effective way to unclog a system. The heat from the hot water will help melt the grease and remove gunk stuck in the drain system. If this trick fails to work, consider calling a professional plumber to establish the root cause of the clog and make necessary repairs.

Use a Drain Snake

Drain snakes are tools used by professional plumbers to unclog drains. You can buy a drain snake or bent wire hanger at your local home improvement store. However, it would help if you took care when using snake drains to avoid causing damage to the sink or pipes.

Plunger and Liquid Cleaners

The first solution to a clogged drain is using a plunger. It pushes the buildup down the drain and helps apply pressure to detangle the accumulated debris inside the pipes. Liquid and commercial cleaners can help clear drains in your home because they react with debris building up in pipes. However, use chemical cleaners sparingly because they will react with pipes and lead to damage and leaks.

These tips help you deal with clogged drains before the issue becomes worse. However, if the recommendations do not work, hiring a certified and professional plumber to diagnose the problem and take the necessary corrective steps would be best. For more information about their plumbing services and drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ, visit their website at

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