Tools Needed For Exterior Painting In Long Island NY

Tools for exterior painting in Long Island NY are needed for prepping the painting surface and then for the application of the paint. If you hire professionals for the painting, they will have the professional grade quality tools but if you plan to paint the house yourself, it is a good idea to make the investment and get good quality tools. Quality of the tools determines the effort required and the quality of the finished project.


Preparation Tools Needed For Exterior Painting In Long Island NY

Pressure Washer can be owned or rented. They are used to wash the dust and grime from the exterior surface. They can also remove loose and flaky paint and save you the scraping effort.

A good paint scraper with a sharp blade is needed for removing loose paint and other materials lodged on the surface. Once the paint is scraped, use a power sander to even out the surface and remove peeling paint that wasn’t removed with the scraper. Sanding is often a time consuming process and using the right tool can save you time and effort and also do a good job of priming the surface.

Drop cloths are needed to cover the surface that does not need painting. Masking machine is essential to ensure that the window and door trims do not get painted unintentionally. Caulking gun is required for filling the gaps and holes. Get a professional quality drip less model. And finally, you will need extensions and step ladders to reach the roof areas.


Application Tools Needed For Exterior Painting In Long Island NY

Paint brushes are needed for manual painting. Plan to get at least three sizes and two styles. Paint rollers are another way to cover larger areas. You will need good quality roller covers that can spread the paint easily and faster. Check for the right size and pile thickness. To complete the paint roller system, you will also need paint roller frames, roller poles and roller bucket with a roller grid.

For power painting you will need power tools for exterior painting in Long Island NY. Airless sprayers are power sprayers that spray the paint directly from the nozzle at high pressure. They make the exterior painting much faster but require expertise. A low quality sprayer will not do a quality paint job. Check with your paint contractors on their selection of the sprayer tool. Power rollers are weaker than the power sprayers and are mostly the least preferred method.


Safety Tools For Exterior Painting In Long Island

You need safety tools to protect skin, eyes and lungs. Make sure to use neoprene gloves to protect your hands against solvents, Use a spray hood or a dust mask to protect the head and lungs. Wear safety goggles for your eyed.Exterior painting requires climbing on long ladders, use ladder levelers and other ladder safety accessories.


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