Turning to Hair Loss Treatment in Freeport, ME for Restoration

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Healthcare

Many have considered having something done about their thinning locks, but it’s common to wonder, “Are there side effects associated with hair loss treatments.” The truth is that many folks have treatment without issue.

It can restore self-esteem and turn back the hands of time to days when the hair was longer and thicker. Many folks are turning to hair loss treatment in Freeport, ME for assistance.

Causes of Hair Loss

Many things can impact the hair and cause it to fall out. Some of them are reversible, but other situations are permanent. They are:


Thyroid function



Auto-immune disorders



The average person loses 50-100 hairs daily, but most folks don’t notice it because they quickly regrow hair before the loss becomes evident. However, when the body has a problem, those hairs will fall out but aren’t replaced. Then, the traditional pattern of baldness begins.

For women, baldness starts in the center and around the crown of the head, while a man tends to get a receding hairline that keeps going. Using regenerative hair treatments differs from invasive procedures that harvest hairs and transplant them.

Rehabilitating the Follicles

Regenerative hair treatments go to the root to restore growth. Using the power of laser light therapy, its possible to wake the follicle and cause it to start producing hair again. For those asking, “Are there side effects associated with hair loss treatments,” this non-invasive procedure is nothing to worry about.

For those considering hair loss treatment in Freeport, ME, contact QC Kinetix (Freeport) for a consultation. View Testimonials.

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