Understanding the SEO Tactics that Google Hates

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Computer and Internet

An honest Jacksonville SEO agency knows there are many tactics that Google views as less than desirable. If they use them they know that Google will cast your website aside and you will never get the top ranking you need to get noticed. There are many tactics you must avoid in order to remain true blue and Google worthy. If you don’t think Google will notice, their algorithms are designed to catch people up who are using black hat tactics. Here is just a sampling of SEO tactics you should never try:

1. Keyword Stuffing and Meta Tags: Most people know keyword stuffing never works. A good Jacksonville SEO agency knows that using meta tags improperly can also cause you issue. Google wants you to use meta tags to optimize click throughs and that’s it. Trying anything a little less honest will work out badly for you.
2. Poor Quality Blogs and Content: Many companies make the mistake of creating worthless blogs that are either cut and pasted from another site (plagiarism!) or regurgitated in very bad form. Content is what helps get you noticed on Google but poorly written content, including bad grammar, will not help you in any way.
3. Static Design: Because the visitor may be viewing your site from a smart phone, tablet or PC it is important to consider responsive web design to provide fluid response to adapt to whatever device is being used.
4. Anti-Social: Social media is a must with links back and forth from your site to your social media and vice versa. Using social media marketing is very Google friendly.
5. Unlisted: Local directories can be a small businesses saving grace. Working with a Jacksonville SEO agency can assist you in using Google Maps and Google Business directories effectively to allow you to connect with your target audience who want to use your services because you are in their neighbourhood. Remaining unlisted keeps you anonymous.

Keep in mind that Google is constantly improving their algorithms to provide their customers the ultimate search experience. Honest sites are all they are interested in ranking for their searches. Using a Jacksonville SEO agency who can keep up with the latest rules will keep you in good standing with Google and help you grab hold of a top ranking position in your category.
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