Urgent Care in Broken Arrow: Top Features and Benefits

by | Aug 29, 2011 | Health and Fitness

Facilities for urgent care in Broken Arrow provide immediate medical attention with a typical waiting time of less than 15 minutes, as reported in the 2010 Benchmarking Study from the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA). According to the UCAOA report, 57% of the patients waited a maximum of 15 minutes before they were attended to by a medical practitioner. Furthermore, about 80% of all visits lasted for 60 minutes or less, which means that a larger number of patients could be seen.

Urgent care facilities offer medical attention on a walk-in basis to all patients. Some of the medical conditions that might require urgent medical help include fractured bones, asthma attacks, wounds, stitches, flu outbreaks, etc. In addition, most healthcare centers accept regular health insurance, which is a huge advantage. However, potential patients should check an individual center’s policy beforehand to be sure.

Urgent Care in Broken Arrow: Qualifying Criteria

Not all medical/health centers in Broken Arrow are urgent care in the true sense of the word. For a health facility to fall into this category, it should meet the following criteria:

1.    The health facility should be supervised and managed by a qualified medical practitioner as dictated by law.

2.    The health center must offer x-ray and basic phlebotomy services. Moreover, only a licensed provider should be allowed to perform x-rays and obtain EKGs on site.

3.    As far as the equipment for an urgent care center in Broken Arrow is concerned, it should have a supply of oxygen, a defibrillator and a well-stocked drug cart.

4.    Within the miscellaneous facilities, an emergency telephone, at least two examination rooms, a waiting room and hygienic restrooms must be included.

Urgent Care in Broken Arrow: Benefits

The benefits associated with such facilities are numerous. Urgent care in Broken Arrow is often preferred to emergency rooms because of the following benefits:

  1. These facilities entail a significantly lower waiting time for all patients, due to the fact that less people go to these facilities than hospital emergency rooms.
  2. The patients are given focused care by the professional staff, due to a greater staff-patient ratio than that found in a typical emergency room. This allows the staff to concentrate more on each patient without having to rush on to the next one.
  3. Last but not the least, urgent care in Broken Arrow is much more affordable than traditional hospital emergency care.




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