Virginia Beach Computer Specialists Urge Netizens to Tread Carefully Online

Due to the proliferation of new top-level domains spread across the World Wide Web, users have to be extremely cautious when visiting sites that they might not be all that familiar with. That’s according to an agency that provides cyber security in Virginia Beach, VA. Their experts have gone on record expressing the view that these extraneous domain names could potentially cause major issues.

Naturally, the sheer number of sites online required network architects to come up with a way of dealing with the influx of information currently being indexed. Unfortunately, it’s now possible for crackers and other bad actors to create web links that appear to be files offered for download. Specialists who provide cyber security in Virginia Beach, VA warn that clicking on these could lead to the installation of potentially unwanted software that, in turn, may compromise a machine’s operating system.

Individuals who are struggling with this kind of discernment are urged to get in touch with an agency that offers cyber security in Virginia Beach, VA and pay closer attention to the origin of any links they receive. If something appears to be at an unusual domain that wouldn’t normally be associated with a company that they do business with, then they might want to give it a second look. Spammers will sometimes create a uniform resource locator that sounds legitimate but could actually point to a resource that would ultimately force a form of arbitrary code execution on the browser that ends up loading it.

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