When To Call A Chicago Reckless Driving Lawyer

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Law Services

In many areas of the law, the police have the option to consider a range of different charges for specific types of activities and behaviors. This is certainly true in traffic violations, where the police officer making the traffic stop determines if the driving was simply a failure to signal a lane change or a speeding ticket, or if it rises to the level of reckless driving.

Reckless Driving is Significant

Generally, reckless driving includes driving in a way that was dangerous to other drivers, and that included more than one specific issue. The common issues that trigger a reckless driving charge in Chicago include excessive speeding, rapid and erratic lane changes without due care and attention to other drivers, as well as the lack of signaling and following safe driving protocols. However, other issues, such as stunting or causing the vehicle to become airborne, can also be considered in the charge.

Getting pulled over for reckless driving is not just a ticket. Depending on the type of driving observed and if there was any damage, accidents or injuries, reckless driving charges can result in the driver being charged with crimes and being arrested at the time of the traffic stop.

The Importance of an Attorney

In Chicago and throughout Cook County, reckless driving is considered a Class A misdemeanor. It can result in up to 364 days in jail as well as $2500 in fines. It can also include both jail time as well as fines.

If you are arrested on a reckless driving charge, or if you have an l-bond, it is imperative to talk to an experienced reckless driving lawyer. In many cases, and particularly if there are no similar charges on your driving record, it may be possible to have the charges reduced to a plea or a disposition, which may also include a lesser offense.

The need for a reckless driving lawyer becomes even more critical if you are charged with felony reckless driving. These charges include additional issues such as injury to a child or crossing guard, bodily harm or disfigurement of another, or injuries that result in permanent disability. As these are Class 3 or 4 felonies, working with a reckless driving lawyer is essential to avoid a potential of up to 7 years in prison and fines of $25,000.

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