When You Should Contact a Public Insurance Adjuster in Camden County, NJ

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Insurance

When faced with a disaster such as a storm or fire, the last thing you want to do is get bogged down in insurance paperwork. Your insurance company offers you a claim made by the adjuster, and you probably want to accept it and be finished with the insurance paperwork as soon as possible.

However, sometimes, the best thing you should do is bring in a public insurance adjuster in Camden County, NJ. A bit of extra work could net you a much bigger payout. Here are the situations when you should call a public insurance adjuster.

Immediately After a Disaster

When there is a disaster, filing your insurance claim as soon as possible is essential. A claims adjuster such as Garden State Public Adjusters, Inc. can document damage and adequately compensate you as quickly as possible.

If a Previous Claim Did Not Account for All the Damage

Damage from flooding, smoke, and other disasters is not always visible. If you believe that your initial claim did not consider all the damage your home sustained, a public insurance adjuster in Camden County, NJ, can create a more complete claim.

If You Don’t Believe Your Insurance Company’s Claim Is Accurate

Even if your insurance company already sent their claims adjuster, you can hire your public insurance adjuster. They work for you, so they will argue that you deserve a more extensive package than someone the insurance company employs.

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