Why add Landscape Lights to your Yard?

There is a new landscaping trend that is sweeping Sand Diego and indeed the rest of the nation, and this is outdoor lighting. There are several reasons for the popularity of landscape lights San Diego.

One of the greatest advantages of landscape lights is the added security they offer. With no exterior rights, your home becomes a target for intruders and thieves at night. There will be fewer hiding places when your exterior is well-lit. You will also have peace of mind. Landscape lighting enhances your personal safety. Hazards like pools, stairs, and drop-offs are much more difficult to see at night and having the lighting, therefore, helps you avoid tripping, drowning, and other hazards. Illuminating your walkways and driveways allows visitors to access your home easily and safely at night.

The enhanced safety is important because you will be able to prevent liability. Note that you are liable should anybody be injured while at your property. A property that has landscape lights will attract lower home owners’ insurance (HOI) premiums.

You should add landscape lighting to your yard because it increases the resale value of your home. Landscape lights worth $2,000 may increase the resale value of your home by up to $5,000. People consider curb appeal when buying a property. It therefore makes sense to invest in the lighting when planning to sell your house.

Investing in landscape lights San Diego is important because these lights can have functional value. With these lights, you will be able to use your yard at night. You could enjoy evenings in recreation spaces, sitting areas, or decks. This is great for stress relief. If your garden is bigger than your living room, this type of lighting is advantageous in that you could hold parties outside.

Landscape lights offer great aesthetic value to your yard. The lights will highlight trees, shrubs, and the architectural elements of the home. You could use the lights to light such focal points as a fountain, weeping branches, or statues for a dramatic effect. You will enjoy your time at home more if it is attractive. You will also impress your guests. With some lighting options such as LED lighting, you can dim the lights to have the desired effect. LED lights come in different colors, meaning you can create whichever mood you wish.

You could use landscape lights San Diego as boundary lighting. If you have a shrub or fence line that represents the end of your property line, you could use these lights to illuminate the property line. You need not worry about the cost implication because some bulbs such as LED bulbs are energy efficient and have operational life of up to 50,000 hours.

More and more people in San Diego are installing landscape lights. There are several reasons for this and these should convince you to do the same.

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