Window Treatments in Seattle

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Window treatments are more than just structurally built-in. They define our home’s functionality and aesthetics and have a direct relationship to our happiness and safety. So when choosing window treatment options, it is essential to list your needs and know how the functionality of each window treatment helps fulfill them.

Join us as we take you through window treatments in Seattle as we uncover their functional and aesthetic importance in giving your home the desired privacy and light control.

Types of Window Treatments


Shutters are mainly made from vinyl, wood, and faux wood materials. These materials make them beautiful without sacrificing their functional requirements. They also come in various colors and styles and are low maintenance.


Blinds are typically made from vinyl, metal, or faux wood. They feature individual slats and are the best weapon against sunlight and UV light. They also provide privacy and noise control. They come in Venetian, vertical, and panel blinds.


Shade window treatments give your home a classic look. The shades are made from cotton, polyester, linen, vinyl, and faux wood. Some available shades include roller, woven, cellular, and Roman shades.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

Before going for a window treatment, you should inspect your requirements, from priorities to every need. Consider the vertical and horizontal requirements, shape, size, and style. The best treatment is based on the desired result and need. Here are some things to consider when choosing window treatments:

Window Size and Shape

Most windows come in different shapes, including arched, circular, and bay shapes. Its form may influence the style of covering it may need, from double to single-hand, sliding to casement, and awning windows.

The Purpose

These are the functions needed for the window. They include privacy, durability, fade prevention, blackout, and the required finishes. With these needs, the best solution will consist of UV protection, aesthetics, and privacy-ensuring window treatments.

The Window Treatment Options

Depending on the desired result, you will go for the material option. The material will help specify the type of window treatment option you need, from shades to curtains, drapes, blinds, and shutters.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dusting and light vacuuming may help increase the longevity and integrity of your window treatment. When you go for blinds, you will need regular wiping of the slats with damp clothing, while shades require dusting and light vacuuming. Do not use excessive water while cleaning to maintain these window treatments better.

Benefits of Getting Professional Window Treatment Solutions

When adequately installed and well-maintained, window treatments provide the best protection against the sun. While ensuring energy efficiency, they help lower your energy bill by blocking out drafts in cold seasons and keeping the house cool during the summer. They also offer privacy and noise reduction.

Get Your Window Installed With the Best Treatment Option

At Freedom Shades and Blinds, we offer various window treatment options that go beyond the window’s purpose and requirements. We provide experts who will guide you through choosing and installing your window blinds, shutters, and shades.

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