3 Signs There’s a Potential Ant Infestation in Your NJ Home or Business

As the weather warms up, some New Jersey residents might notice a few small ants crawling around their homes or places of business. You might think that only seeing a few ants is no cause for concern. However, even a few visible ants could be an indication of more residing nearby. Check out the following signs to see if you’re dealing with an ant infestation.

Small Brownish Trails

If you notice what looks like sawdust appearing throughout your home or business, you might have an infestation of wood ants. These ants love burrowing into wood – the same kind that makes up most buildings.

Strange Sounds Within Your Walls

No one wants to hear strange sounds in their business or homes. If you notice a faint scratching or rustling sound, there could be ants living behind your walls. Since ants are so small, you might need to put your ear up to the wall to listen for this distinct noise.

Ant Nests

Like many other animals, ants build nests. You can potentially find these nests while looking for strange piles of dirt around your home or business. However, don’t disturb these nests as this could anger the ants and worsen your infestation. Instead, leave nest removal to a pest control company in NJ.

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