4 Ways to Improve Compliance with Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Health

The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard requires employers to provide their medical team with the proper gear to protect against health hazards. The protocol standard is ideal for employees often exposed to blood and other potentially contagious biological materials. Ensure your facility follows the standard and improve the healthcare standards for your team with the following tips:

Provide Your Team with PPE
Do all your healthcare workers wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? With specialized clothing suitable for their needs and depending on their job responsibilities and tasks, your team can carry out their work with higher levels of protection. That’s one way to improve how your team follows the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

Clean and Remove Hazards
Isolate and remove pathogens to get rid of bloodborne pathogens from the workplace by keeping your medical facility clean. However, cleaning blood off any surface isn’t enough. You must also remove risks of infection and injury by using sharps disposal containers, safety cabinets, and splash guards. That’s another way to abide by the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. Disinfect all medical instruments, clothing, and equipment. And if any material is contaminated, dispose of it properly.

Foster Training and Awareness
Hold continuous training for your staff. Both current and new employees can benefit from training and awareness. Demanding days on the job can leave anyone with poor concentration skills, meaning they have a higher chance of getting into a needle accident. Continuous training improves the staff’s awareness of their situation. That helps hone their instincts, so even when they’re tired, they can perform their duties and work in OR settings competently.

Invest in Better Medical Supplies
With grade-A medical supplies, your team is better protected. That can help reduce possible injuries in an OR setting by as much as 80 percent. If you want to lower your team’s record of sharps injuries, consider switching to better medical supplies. For more details, please visit Sharp Fluidics now.

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