Traumatic Brain Injury and Some Symptoms of Brain Injury in Orlando

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Health

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury that affects how your brain works. Traumatic brain injury is a primary cause of disability and death in North America. Here are some symptoms of brain injury in Orlando.

Convulsions or Seizures

Brain injury manifestations could consist of epileptic or seizure disorders. These can also be called seizures that occur uncontrollably due to abnormal neuronal electrical activity. Alongside traumatic brain injury, seizures may arise either right after the incident has occurred or it might be a complication that emerges later. Seizure signs can vary from convulsions, partial loss of consciousness, and experiences of unusual muscle sensation based on the severity and site of the traumatic brain injury.

Headache that Gets Worse

A person with a head injury may experience the development of headaches that progressively get worse. While you can breeze through mild headaches occurring after even a minor bump or blow to the head, a long-lasting or worsening headache can be a cause for concern and may require urgent attention, such as the treatment of a concussion or brain bleeding.

Slurred Speech

Slurring of speech is one of the neurological symptoms that could be present after a head injury, especially in cases where brain cells majorly involved in speech comprehension have been damaged. People may notice a patient having gibberish, difficulty articulating sounds, or speaking coherently from slurred speech. Abnormalities of speech can be caused by muscular disorders, slower rational processing, or misfiring of neural routes associated with speech production.

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