A Few Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Dental Implants in Gurnee

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Dental Care

Missing teeth can eventually lead to a whole host of problems, from trouble eating and gum disease to difficulty speaking correctly. Fortunately, there are a few ways to remedy this problem. One of them is through the use of dental implants. Keep reading for why dental implants in Gurnee are a great method for dealing with missing teeth.

More Natural Feel

Dental implants are set in bone, just like your natural teeth. Eventually, your implants will feel just like regular teeth, making eating and talking much more natural than with other methods such as dentures and bridges.


Instead of getting dental implants, you could opt for dentures, crowns or bridges. However, if you go with implants, you will have a product that can last a lifetime with proper care and checkups. Whereas with the other methods, you could be looking at crown and bridge replacement every 10 to 15 years and replacement every three to eight years for dentures.

Help Stabilize Other Teeth

Dental implants in Gurnee will not only improve your smile, but they will also help keep your mouth healthy and stabilized. The implants, which are set in bone, will help prevent other teeth from shifting. Additionally, you won’t have to modify or adjust your other teeth when getting implants, as is the case with bridges supported by other teeth. With bridges, your dentist must file down and shape the teeth on either side of the bridge so it will fit properly. These modifications could result in premature tooth decay and gum disease.

Little Maintenance

Implants mimic natural teeth, and their care does as well. To keep your implants in tip-top condition, you simply brush and floss them as you would your normal teeth. On the other hand, with dentures, you have to remove them after eating and soak them overnight, among other things.

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