Finding Charlottesville VA Apartments Near UVA

Housing is a huge part of the college experience. Your living situation can be an amazing place where you spend your days or a spot where you spend the bare minimum of your time. If you are on the hunt for Charlottesville VA apartments near UVA you have plenty of choices, you just need to know what is important to you.

Finding the Perfect Fit

With the many choices in housing available around a university town, it can be difficult to choose the arrangement that works best for you. You should choose the housing that allows you to enjoy a well-rounded life. While many apartment complexes have plenty of recreational amenities that should not be the only thing you look for when selecting a place to live.

You may assume you will do all of your schoolwork and studying in the school library or in your room, but you may find that the appeal of this quickly wears off. Having an onsite spot to study allows you a change of pace from studying in your room, while still giving you a spot where you can focus and complete your work.

Another consideration is the availability of green space in your apartment complex. While a gym and pool are great amenities, you may not realize how much you would enjoy a shady area to enjoy some fresh area while going over notes. Having some amazing outdoor spaces to spend time informally is a great way to boost your mood as deadlines loom.

Making Your Choice

Of course, there are other amenities you want as well. An on-site 24-hour fitness center, outfitted with quality equipment, a pool to cool off in, coffee and even on-site shopping. Strong, reliable Wi-Fi and convenient parking are a necessity for today’s college student. With that in mind, when you are looking for Charlottesville VA apartments near UVA, take time to visit Lark on Main. You may find it is a perfect fit.

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