A Guide to Jail Bonds

If you are supposed to go to jail for any reason, your bail needs to be posted. Only then can you be free from the necessity of spending the night in jail, until your case is tried. In case you or your family is unable to post the bail, you may need the services of a  bail bondsman. He or she will present a surety bond to the court. This is possible because he or she will have a prior contractual agreement with the court.


You can look on the web for companies which provide services of this kind. Make a list of a few of them so that you can decide among them which one to choose based on their fees. In case anyone you know has been in the same situation, you can ask him or her for a recommendation.


The bail bondsman is therefore guaranteeing that you will appear in court on the stipulated date. If you fail to do so, he or she will be held responsible. The bondsman usually has access to securities which he or she can use for bail at short notice.


This is useful in case you need someone to post bail in the middle of the night. This will also reduce the burden of posting bail which would otherwise be your family’s responsibility. Be careful when you give your house as collateral to the bondsman in case the  amount required for bail is high.


In case you fail to appear in court, he or she can have the authority to take over your property. Usually a bondsman will take a ten per cent charge on the amount of the bail. This is the amount which the court usually agrees to take instead of the full bail amount.


However it is not returned to the defendant after he or she makes an appearance in court. Look for an experienced bondsman who understands the need for privacy. He or she should be honest so that you can be sure that he or she will honor your agreement.


Look for a bondsman who is available whatever be the time and day. Such a person is most useful when you need jail bonds. Murfreesboro TN has several well known bondsmen, so choose one who is trustworthy and honest. You will be thankful that you made the right choice in the hour of a crisis. Your family will also be glad that you took such a decision.


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