A Typical Move Day with Moving and Storage Los Angeles

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Home and Garden

Every move whether residential or commercial, local or long distance is special. It has its own unique requirements and elements. The best moving and storage, Los Angeles firms offer residents and non-residents services that factor in times, dates, stairs, and elevators. In a typical move day, a moving and storage company undertakes the following services either singly or in a combined package.

The move starts by scheduling. The moving company prices and schedules the move. The company may send over a representative with an in-home estimate or undertake the scheduling via e-mail, fax, or phone. The moving and storage company will then carry out an inventory, which is mainly for your convenience. The inventory includes a list of all items that require moving. Depending on the moving and storage, Los Angeles Company, you may get cardboard boxes or plastic tubs to begin the packing process.

 The company then undertakes to confirm the move. This involves a review and confirmation of the entire relocation plan. The confirmation process comes with a detailed inventory that includes all items involved in the move as well as all offered services. The moving firm sends the confirmation letter to the client via mail or fax. Some companies will review all the details contained therein with you.  
Once the reviewing is over, the firms packing and preparation crew will then descend on your property to start the moving process. They usually start by packing all major equipment such as PCs, DVDs, stereos, lamps, mirrors, wardrobes, and pictures. Professional moving and storage firms know all too well the importance of the packing process. Poor packing may result in breakages and hence expensive claims against the company. As a result, they ensure that all items are fully padded and wrapped. They also undertake the assembly, disassemble or crating of any piece that was previously designated.  

Once packing is over, the actual move can then commence. A reputable moving and storage company will then bring all your belongings to the new residence or office. Getting all items to the designated location is dear to most moving companies. This they do in the most professional and courteous way.
The company in question is also capable of moving all types of items ranging from delicate antiques to box loads of books. Professional moving and storage, Los Angeles companies have supervisors who supervise each move. The supervisor ensures that you receive the correct documentation and information. In addition, they oversee the fulfillment of any last minute onsite request. The supervisor maintains constant contact with the head office via radio.

After the move, avoid panicking and handle one room at a time and you will have everything in its place within no time.


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