All Cigar Collectors Need a Digital Hygrometer

by | Feb 17, 2012 | Shopping

If you are a serious cigar smoker, you already know that there is no way you are going to purchase just one cigar at a time. You purchase them in batches. You also know that there are some cigars that you smoke every single day, and there are also some cigars that you reserve for special occasions.

The problem with buying a large order of cigars is how to keep them fresh and tasting great. The thing that is the hardest on cigars is humidity. The more humidity you cigars are exposed to, the greater the chances are that they are going to be ruined by the time you are ready to smoke them. The best way to make sure the humidity in your home never destroys your cigars is by making sure that you have a.

What a digital hygrometer allows you to do is get an accurate reading about how humid the air in a particular room happens to be at that exact moment. The digital hygrometer is preferred by most cigarette aficionados because they feel that the digital hygrometer is easier to read and use than the other types of hygrometers. Unlike thermostats that only tell you the actual temp of the room, the digital hygrometer will tell you if it feels hotter than it actually is or cooler than it really is.

The great thing about the digital hygrometer is that once you have gotten one, you are going to need more. The reason for this is because the digital hygrometer is going to allow you to keep any room that it happens to be set up in the perfect temperature, and not just for your cigars. You are going to find that the room with the digital hygrometer has the perfect air for everything from eating, to reading, to sleeping. The more digital hygrometer you have, the better able you will be keep your house comfy and cozy.

If you are in a home that is constantly dry, you are going to want to pick up a humidifier. This is a little machine that will convert water to steam which than moistens the air. The world is full of people who have to use a humidifier during the winter months. For the room that has you cigar collection, you are going to want to set up a dehumidifier. This pulls the moisture form the air, you just have to make sure you empty the pan where the water is put whenever it gets full.

The reason that the digital hygrometer is such an important tool when you collect cigars is because it will provide you with the information needed to make sure that the paper is never wet, and that the tobacco always lights easily.


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