What to Look for in Kaui Vacation Rentals

Kaui is one of the more beautiful and temperate islands of Hawaii.  Those who are looking for a Hawaiian vacation where they can sit back relax and take in the local scenery will fall in love with what Kaui has to offer.  When looking for Kaui vacation rentals you have a large selection to choose from so it’s important to find what’s best for your individual vacationing needs.

What Makes a Great Kaui Vacation Rental?

Depending on what you’re looking for and what time of year you are going there are hotel and villa accommodations all over the island of Kaui.  Make sure you find a vacation rental that will allow you to have as long of a stay as you wish.  If you want something in close proximity to the beaches than find a rental that is either on the beach or within walking distance to the beaches.

There are several amenities to look for when searching or Kaui vacation rentals as well.  Many tourists enjoy laundry facilities, beach front views, parking, BBQ areas and of course beach access.

What are the Best Areas to Look for a Kaui Vacation Rental?

Location is key when looking for Kaui vacation rentals.  Many of the tourist attractions are either in the southern coastal areas or the north shore areas of Kaui.  The southern coast is a great location because of its climate, which is sunny and dry almost all year around.  It also has a wide selection of gorgeous beaches with several dining and restaurant accommodations.

The north shore is another favorite among tourist and visitors alike.  The accommodations can be luxurious and expensive, but the scenery in the north shore area is quite exquisite.  There is a downside to this area of Kaui. During the winter months from November till March there is considerably more rain here than in other parts of the island.

What are some Favorite Attractions in Kaui ?

There are several attractions in Kaui.  Two of the favorites in the south shores area are the Olu Pua Botanical Gardens and Kokee Ventures.  Kaui is very rural and the golf courses are some of the best you’ll see in Hawaii.
Sailing and boat tours are popular in Kaui along with helicopter tours.  For those who enjoy playing in the water there are several rental shops that offer you snorkeling gear and other fun water supplies.

For those who enjoy the beach, but need a break there are sightseeing tours that are offered as well.  Horseback riding tours are another favorite among tourists.  Finally Hawaii is known for its exotic fish and sports fishing.  For those looking to catch some of those slippery swimmers there are fishing tours available as well.


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