Discrimination Harassment

Discrimination harassment in Worcester, MA is a infrequently talked about form of harassment.  Discrimination harassment occurs when an employee is made to feel humiliated because of their gender, religion, color, race, sexual orientation, or national origin.  This type of harassment can extend to include persons that are persons age 40 or older; or persons with physical or mental disabilities.  Any verbal comments, emails, or mimicking that demeans another person is discrimination harassment.

As with any type of harassment, discrimination harassment in Worcester, MA is not to be tolerated.  This begins with upper management.  If the upper management of an organization is not on board with a no tolerance attitude that is clearly communicated to supervisors and managers, harassment will likely continue.

As with all forms of harassment, discrimination harassment in Worcester, MA is illegal.  The human resource personnel should be the ones that are the most knowledgeable of discrimination harassment laws.  It will likely be this division of an organization that will be responsible for keeping the company on track and working within state and federal guidelines.  This may also be the department responsible for disseminating information throughout the organization for compliance with the laws.

This can be a gray area within the workplace harassment realm.  There may be co-workers that are friends and take pot shots at each other about race with no malicious intent.   But if a third party should hear the comments and take offense, you have discrimination harassment.  It does seem as though people have become hypersensitive to discriminatory comments and the workplace has become a mine field or gauntlet that has to be maneuvered through each day.

If you believe you have been a target of discrimination harassment, try informing the person verbally or in writing that such behavior is offensive and should be stopped.  They may not realize that what they said was offensive.  If you are uncomfortable doing this have a manager, supervisor, or HR person intervene on your behalf.  If you do not speak up the behavior will just continue.

Everyone in a workplace should be cognizant of their individual behavior and willing to step in if they see or hear something inappropriate being said or acted out.  When at work it is best to maintain a professional demeanor.  If you are respectful of your co-workers, they will likely return the behavior.  And if you are in a management position you will be setting the tone for those employees for which you are responsible.

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