Expedited Passport Renewal Makes it Easier to Enjoy International Travel

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of international travel planning. Make sure you don’t lose sight of your passport’s renewal deadline date. Several countries won’t even let you enter if there are fewer than six months left until the passport expires. Getting your passport updated isn’t very complicated, especially if you have all of your paperwork, photo, and processing fees ready to go. However, the process can be time consuming. The government advices you to expect at least a six week turnaround time for passport renewal, and in some cases, the process can take twice that long. Instead of running the risk that things won’t be accomplished on time, you should look into expedited passport renewal. It could be the difference between going away and having a great travel experience and being forced to sit at home.

Even when you opt for expedited passport renewal you shouldn’t wait until the last possible second to get things rolling. The expedited processing requirements can generally be accomplished in a few weeks, but sometimes there are events that will cause delay. You should send in your application before you purchase you international airline tickets. You should allow six weeks for completion at the minimum – even then, it may be a close call and create some tension.

When it comes to expedited passport renewal, you should never assume there will be a guarantee about the amount of time it takes to complete the application process and get the documentation in your hands. The process will be quicker, but there are still things that can slow it down. Taking the time to make sure you’ve filled out the application correctly, that all of your personal information is accurate, and that you have used your best possible penmanship will reduce the chances of a delay. Making sure the photo you submit has been taken by someone with passport experience instead of something one of your friends quickly snapped will also hasten the process.

When you decide you’re in need of expedited passport renewal, you’re going to find there are many websites willing to help you with this task. You need to proceed with caution. Some of these can be scams that could land you directly in the middle of an identity theft situation. You need to take the time to make sure the service you use is legit.

Make sure the service you use is more than just a URL and that they have a physical address on record. If the company doesn’t have a brick and mortar establishment, you will want to move on. You should also check reviews, reference the Better Business Bureau, and make sure a real person handles the customer service.

With more than 25 years of experience assisting customers with expedited passport renewal, The Passport & Visa Company will do everything possible to make sure you’re ready for your international trip on time.

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