Finding and Fixing Obvious and Hidden Leaks In and Out of the Home

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Plumbing Service

Though a water leak might seem inconsequential, it can quickly get expensive. Water leaks are a waste of money and resources, but an emergency plumber near Lincoln Park can help.

How Wasteful Are Water Leaks?

If a shower or faucet drips a drop every second, it wastes approximately five gallons of water per day or 2000 gallons per year. That’s why it’s so important to fix leaks as they occur.

Where Do Leaks Hide?

Though most leaks are readily apparent, hidden ones can be just as wasteful. A cracked pipe may drip into your walls, wasting water and causing structural damage. An old water heater will leak as its tank rusts, and water mains may leak underground. If it’s filled with water, it can leak.

Finding Hidden Leaks

Having an emergency plumber near Lincoln Park look for leaks is a wise choice, especially if your water bill has spiked. Your plumber will check the system’s components for leaks, finding hidden and visible ones. If the meter runs when all fixtures are off or if there’s moisture at the bottom of your walls, there may be a hidden leak.

Looking Outside the Home

Plumbing leaks may occur outside or inside your home. Signs such as rusty water, puddles, and mushy, swampy soil are reliable indicators of a leak. As mentioned above, check your outside water meter. If it runs when the plumbing isn’t in use, and the main shutoff valve is closed, the leak is outside.

Regular Maintenance Will Prevent Costly Leaks

Though most leaks can be prevented with routine maintenance, some require the services of an emergency plumber near Lincoln Park. A plumber will visit your home, perform an inspection, and look for leaks in your plumbing, drains, and heating system. Call Rescue Plumbing Inc. to schedule service.

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