Reasons Why You May Want to Order a Custom Carbon Steel Storage Tank

When your business needs more storage tanks, carbon steel is a wise choice. This durable material is made to withstand extreme conditions and a lot of use. Here are several reasons why you may want to customize the product so that it is optimized for your specific application.

Store Potable Water

Being able to store potable water is essential. You might need to have water on hand in case of a utility problem that causes a boil alert for the tap water. If you work in any sort of industry related to emergency management or disaster preparedness, you will need to have potable water ready to go. There are custom finishes for carbon steel storage tanks that make them safe for potable water. Having water on hand during emergency situations can make all the difference, and the appropriate tanks can provide you with the supplies you need to store water with.

Create a Food-safe Surface

If your facility produces beverages or foods, including ingredients for either of these, then you will need a food-safe surface applied to your storage tanks. This is also the case if you produce ingredients or finished pharmaceutical products. You can choose an FDA-approved food-safe coating for your storage tanks.

Make the Tank Resistant to Chemicals and Corrosion

In many industries, chemicals are produced that cause corrosion to the storage tanks. You may need to have one or more storage tanks with coatings that prevent corrosion. This could be important in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. A corrosion-resistant coating protects your facility from unintended chemical spills and releases. It also protects the tanks while they are in transit. The coating will help the storage tanks last longer, and it prevents contamination of the product.

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