Frequently Asked Questions About Infestations And Carpenter Ant Control Treatments

If you see large black ants crawling inside your house, you have an infestation of carpenter ants. By contacting a company that specializes in Carpenter Ant Control Treatments, you can get rid of the ants for good. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about a carpenter ant infestation in your house.

Q.) How do carpenter ants get inside of the home?

A.) Carpenter ants can get into your home through various sources including your windows, holes in your crawl space or foundation and through your heating ducts. Carpenter ants can also be hiding in the firewood that you bring into your house.

Q.) In addition to seeing the carpenter ants, what are some other signs of an infestation?

A.) Carpenter ants make tunnels for their nests inside of wood and if you notice sawdust underneath wood structures in your home, this signals that you have an infestation. These ants prefer moist or damp wood, so they’re often found in areas of your home that have sustained water damage.

Q.) What are some preventative measures that will help to keep carpenter ants out of the house?

A.) Examine your house plumbing and repair any leaky faucets or pipes. Inspect your firewood carefully for carpenter ants before you bring it into your house. When storing your wood outside, don’t place the wood directly on the ground. Instead, stack your wood on cement blocks or plastic pallets. Check your foundation or crawl space for holes or cracks and seal these entryways with spray foam or caulking.

Q.) How will a pest control company get rid of the carpenter ant infestation in the house?

A.) A professional who works for a company that provides Carpenter Ant Control Treatments in Melbourne will inspect the outside of your home and the surrounding area to find the nest. After destroying the nest, the exterminator will use chemical control to get rid of the infestation inside of your house.

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