Great Stylish Hippie Dresses For Summer

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Shopping

Finding clothes that look as if they came from the days off peace, free love, and hippies has never been easier. Some stores are selling these clothes in malls and shopping centers, and there are many online retailers to choose from. One item that is super popular and instantly transform a person’s look hippie dresses. Now that it is summer these dress are light, free flowing, and available in an assortment of colors and sizes.

Women’s hippy clothes have never been prettier. Most of the hippie dresses are fitted at the top and around the bust and then get loose and free flowing as they go down. Spaghetti straps are one of the most popular designs on the summer styles. They keep the woman wearing them cool and give that hippie look they are seeking. The bust can be cut straight across or go down in the shape of a v. Occasionally the sleeves will be capped at the shoulders or have the popular bell shape sleeve.

As for the length on hippie dresses, it can vary based on the style. Some dresses are long and sweeping with the hem being an even length all the way around. Some dresses have hems that are above the knee. They may be an even length all the way around, or layered at different lengths for a whimsical feel. The hem can be the same color and material as the rest of the dress or be ruffled and made of a different material or color of fabric.

Bright bold patterns, patchwork, and whimsical designs are popular on hippy clothes and hippie dresses. If the dress is one color it will be a bold color that makes a statement. Ruffles, belts, vests, and applique are popular on these designs. Women pair these dresses with an assortment of accessories to really polish their look. Strappy sandals and flip flops are always popular for feet, as are toe rings and ankle bracelets. Big chunky beaded or braided belts, big boho bags, and beaded or braided headbands make a big hippie statement when worn with these dresses.

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